About Latino Elders

Latino Elders: About Judi Bonilla San Diego Aging Expert

Hi! My name is Judi Bonilla, a gerontologist with an eye on American culture. I truly believe in the dream of my parents. A better life for their daughters. I also recognize the American disconnect. Who we say we are. Who we truly are. This blog is about who we really are.

With that in mind, Maya Angelou’s words ring true, “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” As a country, we can do better. We can be the aspirational dream of our ancestors.

Our Mission

Latino Elders is part of the mission to do better. We are here to raise the profile of Latino Boomers.  I’m excited to start a platform and add the voices of Latinos aging in America. If you are eager to raise our profile in business, media, and culture connect with me.

When I’m not working on this project I’m focused on developing solutions to bring lifelong learning and senior transportation to elders in San Diego.